Last night Beth played the second and final New York show on this mini-tour was staged at Brooklyn’s spacious Bell House venue.The sold-out crowd was respectfully  quiet during the show, which allowed the sound man to work some serious magic.

Sam Amidon took the stage about 9pm. Stefan Amidon, Sam’s brother joined his brother for some of his set. Beth came out and sang a couple of songs with Sam that will appear on his new album that comes out in March. Beth’s set began just after 10pm and started with a solo rendition of Someone’s Daughter. Beth spoke briefly about being rusty after spending time with her 3-year old daughter. Thomas Bartlett came out and played electric piano with Beth on guitar on Sweetest Decline. There was a restart on this one as Beth had a coughing fit. She said she hoped it wasn’t the start of an unfortunate nervous tic!

Sam accompanied Beth on the John Martyn song Go Down Easy, which has been recorded for a tribute album. She also mentioned John’s passing last year and it was clear that many in the audience weren’t sure who he was. Beth and Sam played guitar and sang as Thomas played the electric piano for Whenever. This led into another new song which had been played on Sunday. Beth pointed out tonight that it was about the sea. The three left the stage before returning for two encores.

Beth came out alone and started strumming the introduction to Ooh Child, when a lady in the audience complimented her shoes. Beth heartily agreed “Fucking great, aren’t they?” and without missing a beat, went right into her rendition of this classic. An audience request made for a spotaneous change in plans and It’s Not the Spotlight and She Cries Your Name rounded out the first encore before Beth returned for I Wish
I Never Saw the Sunshine.

Pictures and reviews here


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