Beth and Ted contributing to John Martyn tribute album

Both Beth and Ted Barnes, Beth’s genius guitarist, have contributed tracks to a John Martyn tribute album. Unfortunately there is no release date set as yet.

John Martyn was a legend – after putting out over 20 albums over 40 years the music world lost a true virtuoso when he passed away at the age of 60 last January. Now, via, the man who has been called the father of trip-hop is being honored like any true music legend should be — with a tribute album featuring the likes of Beck, The Cure’s Robert Smith, and many others.

So far, the album’s features 22 artists performing their own interpretations of Martyn’s songs. Other names include Snow Patrol, Devendra Banhart, Paolo Nutini, David Gray, Vetiver, and The Swell Season. According to Martyn’s official site, there may even be more artists added as the project progresses. No release date has been set yet.

According to his official site a live CD, Live at Leeds Deluxe Edition, will be released on September 6th. Plus, his last album, Willing To Work, is being completed by friends and collaborators Gary Pollitt and Jim Tullio.

John Martyn Tribute Album Tracklist (So Far):
01. Beck – Stormbringer
02. Snow Patrol – May You Never
03. Robert Smith (of The Cure) – Small Hours
04. Blackships (Nick McCabe, Simon Jones of the Verve) – Rope Soul’d or Sapphire
05. Beth Orton – Go Down Easy
06. David Gray – Let The Good Things Come
07. Lisa Hannigan – Couldn’t Love You More
08. The Swell Season – I Don’t Want to Know
09. Paolo Nutini – One World
10. Devendra Banhart – Sweet Little Mystery
11. Vetiver – Go Easy
12. Vashti Bunyan – Head & Heart
13. Skye Edwards (Morcheeba) – Solid Air
14. Ted Barnes featuring Gavin Clark (of Clayhill & Unkle) – Over The Hill
15. The Blind Boys Of Alabama – Glorious Fool
16. Brendan Campbell – Anna
17. Sonia Dada – Dancing
18. Sabrina Dinan – Certain Surprise
19. Oh My God – John Wayne
20. Foley (Miles Davis’ bass player) – Clutches
21. Nicholas Barron – Angeline
22. Cheryl Wilson – You Can Discover

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