Beth records a track with Justin Bond

According to Twitter Justin Bond, on Wednesday just gone,  recorded ‘Superstar’ with Beth for his new album! The day before he was also recording with Doveman and Sam Amidon. 


Justin Bond (born May 9, 1963, in Hagerstown, Maryland) is a genderqueer American singer-songwriter and performance artist and Radical Faerie.

He is arguably best known for his character, the drag incarnation, Kiki – an aging, alcoholic, and bitter chanteuse known for her raucous and edgy medleys of unusual song covers. As Kiki, Bond performed with piano-playing sidekick Herb, played by Kenny Mellman, as part of the lounge act Kiki and Herb.  Kiki and Herb came out of the queer activist and underground scenes in San Francisco with initial performances in the 1990s at Eichelberger’s. Bond moved to New York City in 1994 and the act developed. A fictional biography of the duo is on their Facebook page. The show, fronted by Bond, met with more critical acclaim with each successive appearance and developed a cult following. They performed extensively, namely in London’s Soho Theatre and Queen Elizabeth Hall and New York’s The Knitting Factory and Carnegie Hall, as well as a host of other venues worldwide. Their show Kiki & Herb: Alive on Broadway was nominated for a 2007 Tony for Special Theatrical Event.  The duo broke up in 2008.

Bond also performed with backup band The Freudian Slippers until 2001. He was namechecked in Le Tigre’s prolific song “Hot Topic” on Le Tigre’s self-titled debut. The song pays tribute to dozens of female visual artists, musicians, writers, feminists and others who have inspired them. Bond also appears, playing himself, in the film Shortbus (released October 2006), and as Kiki in Paul Festa’s film Apparition of the Eternal Church.

In 2004 Bond appeared in the film Imaginary Heroes alongside Sigourney Weaver, singing a song at a Christmas party.

In December 2008 Bond appeared in the Tiger Lillies show Sinderella on London’s South Bank, and is credited in the band’s upcoming album of the same name.

In July 2009 Bond made an appearance on the Logo comedy series Jeffery & Cole Casserole, playing a Catholic nun who serves as the principal of the show’s all-girl Catholic school.

In July 2009 Bond released a five track e.p. Pink Slip, featuring four original songs (The New Depression, May Queen, The Puppet Song, Michael in Blue) and a cover of Radiohead’s “Arpeggi/Weird Fishes”.

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