Nottingham Set List

2011-04-10 Nottingham Glee Club

Someone's Daughter
Touch Me With Your Love
Shopping Trolley(with Sam)
Sugar Boy(with Sam)
13(with Sam)
Sugar in Season
Shadow of a Doubt
Safe In Your Arms
Red Door(?)
Blood Red River
She Cries Your Name
Concrete Sky(encore with Sam)
Central Reservation(encore)
Beth was is good spirits, although struggling with a cough throughout, 

Two new songs were finger picking in a similar vein to the other new ones,
Sugar in Season was announced, mucked up and then beautifully done.
Red Door (prominent lyric) was a darker number fitting well next to Blood
Red River, and went off without a hitch. 13 was also a new addition to the
set-list, with Beth singing and Sam Amidon on guitar and backing vocals. 

Was good to hear some classics getting a fresh start, Blood Red River and Concrete Sky.

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