Gigging again!


Beth is set to perform on the Fringe Stage @ the Split Festival, Ashbrooke Sports Club, Sunderland on Sat 17th Sep (click here for tickets) and at St Georges Church, Brighton on Saturday 24th September 2011 (Click here for tickets)

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8 thoughts on “Gigging again!

  1. That’s me HAPPY!! Thank You Thank you for a Brighton date again this year, and on a Saturday no less! Bloody brilliant & we booked tickets yesterday.
    Oh & btw V splendid picture up there in the post, that’d make a grand poster should you wish to cash in on merch at your gigeth, I’d be in line.

  2. Hey Beth,

    Will you be returning to Manchester anytime soon? I came to your last gig at the academy – it was awesome.

    Please come back soon 🙂


  3. I second that on the Manchester gig, or near abouts! Utter awesomeness Beth…is awesomeness a word?! Either way you’re brilliant live!


  4. Hello Beth, booking a couple of tickets to see you in Brighton has light me up! For ages I have been wanting to see you live… its brilliant, and particularly just down the the road! What a beautiful venue. You have such a beautiful voice. Love Dahlan

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