Australia – are you ready?

Here are links to a few recent interviews and a competition to win tickets to get you in the mood!

If you are going – enjoy and don’t forget to post pictures, reviews and set lists for the rest of us

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3 thoughts on “Australia – are you ready?

  1. Hi Beth really was looking forward to seeing you tonight in Sydney. I also have Crohn’s and am having an awful day. I really don’t think I could sit through your show without running to the bathroom. Husband went last night to see you and loved your show. He is going again tonight but without me I will see if one of my boys will go with him. I was so looking forward to seeing you.

  2. Brilliant Gig at the Old Museum, Brisbane in sunday night, as fans of 15+ years, it was great to hear you live, raw folky blues with a good dose of humour in between. Don’t leave it so long before coming back.

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