US dates announced

MON 14th May 2012 –  Brighton Music Hall, Boston MA
$27 adv/$30 dos
Selah Sue to support

TUESDAY 15th May 2012  – Joe’s Pub, New York NY  (2 shows- 7:30 & 9:30)
$28 adv/$30 dos 730 & 930
Selah Sue to support,com_shows/task,view/Itemid,40/id,6153

FRIDAY 18th May 2012 – U Street Music Hall, Washington DC
Selah Sue to support

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2 thoughts on “US dates announced

  1. Beth, it looks like you driving right through Philly from NY to DC with out a stop… all your freinds here in Philly (WXPN) are bumming, any chance for a quick stop?

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