Beth Orton Premieres New Video By Sigur Ros Collaborators


UK songstress Beth Orton returns with an evocative clip for ‘Magpie’, shot by Sigur Ros collaborators Arni & Kinski.

Orton is back with the first album in six years, and her haunting voice is more than welcome. She first aired‘Magpie’ back in August and now she has provided a video clip for the song.

It’s a moody patchwork directed by Arni & Kinski, who have shot clips for Sigur Ros’ ‘Rembihnútur’, ‘Hoppipolla’, ‘Viðrar vel til loftárása’, ‘Gobbledigook’ and ‘Glósóli’, and styled by costume designer Hrafnhildur “Raven” Hólmgeirsdóttir who has worked with Bjork.

Anri & Kinski said in a press release, “Inspired by Beth’s song and feeling this film needed to be pushed into an unexpected, new, mysterious and exhilarating place, we took a trip to the high altitude desert of the great Colorado sand dunes. A trip of trust, a trip into the unknown, heat strokes, hallucinations and magic.”

Have a look below. ‘Magpie’ is from Orton’s new album Sugaring Season, which is due out on Friday 5 October.

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