Review: Beth Orton, Union Chapel, London

Union Chapel – Wednesday December 5th 2012

By Ben Walsh Independent 06.12.2012

“Call me the sea/ Call me the stream/ Call me the sky/ Call me the leaves,” Beth Orton informs us, in her distinctive nasally folk twang, on new track “Call Me the Breeze”. There’s a great deal about the elements – the moon, the sun, the sky, the leaves, the breeze, the wind – in this patchy, mainly solo performance in these reverential environs.

The playful and pastoral “Call Me the Breeze” is a highlight tonight among a sea of apologies and minor technical hitches. “Mind if I start again?” she asks us halfway through her first number, “Magpie”, before apologising for being “a diva” and duly starting again. There’s a lot of this from the self-deprecating singer, who admits “I don’t know why I’m so nervous tonight”. She needn’t be, as she’s among ardent “friends”, and her tranquil new album (her first in six years), Sugaring Season, is arguably her strongest yet.

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