Milano Acoustics – Beth Orton: Candles

Mindmill, a creative production team specialising in all things digital, combining the sum of different abilities to create innovative ideas. Milano Acoustics is one of them, an initiative that aims to bring music back to the street by making acoustic sessions in some characteristic locations in Milan. The goal is to create an intimate marriage between music and Milan.

If you want to join the project or propose a collaboration don’t hesitate, contact us:

Here is Beths contribution


“Marta Sui Tubi” is a project born when Giovanni Gulino (former and voice of “Use And Abuse”) and Carmelo Pipitone (voice and guitar of “RYM”) decided to make music together in the summer of 2002. Now Giovanni, together with Tania Varuni, founded “Music Raiser”, a website about crowfounding related to music. It allows bands and artists to accomplish their projects through a fundraising tool in exchange for exclusive rewards for the fans.

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