Beth Orton to release her new single, Dawn Chorus, on April 15

WISTFUL Norfolk folk singer-songwriter Beth Orton will release her new single, Dawn Chorus, through the Anti label on April 15 to coincide with her spring tour.

Beth will perform songs from last October’s Sugaring Season album, her first since Comfort Of Strangers in 2006, at 11 shows, including Leeds Irish Centre on Wednesday.

Recorded in Portland, Oregon, with The Decemberists’ producer, Tucker Martine, Sugaring Season bears the fruits of a period of introspection and renewal.

“I stretched myself as a singer on this record and used voices I never have before as a writer,” says Beth. “A lot of the writing on this record happened in the dead of night, when spiders mend their webs, with an infant asleep in the next room. As a result, my writing became a secret again: illicit and my own.”

Beth and Tucker Martine brought together a dream band of new and old friends for the album’s recording sessions: keyboardist Rob Burger, bassist Sebastian Steinberg, jazz drummer Brian Blade, guitarists Marc Ribot and Ted Barnes and folk singer Sam Amidon.

The tracks were recorded predominantly live to reflect Beth’s primary inspirations, Roberta Flack’s First Take album and Pentangle’s folk-jazz collisions.

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