Beth Orton thanks football star for help in missing guitar search

Singer/songwriter BETH ORTON has heaped praise on football player JOEY BARTON after the sports star helped in the search to find her missing guitar.

The Magpie hitmaker took to her page to alert fans to be on the lookout after her Levin guitar disappeared at the end of March (13) outside London’s Heathrow Airport but her search was unsuccessful.

Barton heard about the singer’s plight through a friend and joined the online search on Friday (03 May 2013) by posting a snap of Orton’s guitar and the details surrounding the incident.

On Sunday (05 May 2013), the singer was reunited with her guitar after a cab driver handed it in and she immediately took to Twitter to notify her devotees, writing, “MY GUITAR IS BACK!!! I’ll tell the whole story when I have more than 140 characters!! Thank you to all who helped!”

She later went on to praise Olympique de Marseille player Barton, adding, “(Joey Barton) my guitar is back! THANK U (sic) for getting the word out & putting the heat on right when it was all getting a little close to ebay (sic).”

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