Singer/songwriter Beth Orton to play in Los Angeles, Pioneertown

Posted:   06/07/2013  03:16:54 PM PDT


With: James Bay

Where: Troubadour, 9801 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood; Pappy & Harriets, 53688 Rd,, Pioneertown

When: 8 p.m. Thursday, June 13, at Troubadour; 8 p.m. Friday, June 14,  at Pappy & Harriets

Cost: $30 for Troubadour; $20 for Pappy & Harriets

Information: or  877-435-9849 for Troubadour;, or 760-365-5956 for Pappy & Harriets

Beth Orton, who performs at the Troubadour in Los Angeles on  Thursday, June 13, and Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown on Friday, June 14,  said she never stops writing.

“I’m always writing songs,” said the singer/songwriter in a  recent phone interview. “I’m always mixing music. I have new ideas and am always  cobbling around.”

Orton’s first official album “Superpinkymandy” was released in  1993 and she has frequently tweaked her sound with each release in a style music  critics have called folktronica. Her highest charting album was 2002’s  “Daybreaker,” which reached No. 40 on the Billboard charts in the United States.


One of her highest charting singles was “Stolen Car,”  which featured an uncredited turn by Claremont’s Ben Harper on slide guitar as  well as “Central Reservation” off the 1999 album of the same title.


“Sugaring Season,” her latest album released last year, veered  away from electronica and stuck to folk.

“It came natural to make a record like I made,” Orton said.  “I’ve always felt the basis of what I do is roots orientated. It always has  been.”

Orton is performing in Los Angeles and Pioneertown with folk  artist James Bay as the opening act.

The Norwich, England artist said she’s “well aware” her  audience expects certain songs from her.

“I can’t mind-read. But I try to mind-read what it is people  like to hear and include some of those songs in the set,” she said. “I know as a  fan, I want to hear some of those songs.” As for the future, Orton did not give  a firm yes or no when asked if she will release an album sooner than the six  years it took to release “Sugaring Season.”

“You never know,” she said. “You never know your luck. Maybe  I’ll get in there and do one while no one’s looking.”

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