Back in April Bob  Weir was unable to finish Furthur’s  final show of a Capitol Theatre residency and shortly thereafter announced he would be  taking a few months off. Weir’s hiatus also meant his successful “Weir Here” talk show series  that he’d been hosting live from TRI Studios on Wednesdays was put on the shelf.  Thankfully, “Weir Here” returned last night with a show dubbed “Weir Here Over There”  which took place at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, CA.

Longtime Grateful Dead roadie and “Weir Here” co-host Steve Parish introduced Bobby by  saying, “Our beloved brother is back to his music tonight and we’re going to celebrate.”  Weir kicked off the first segment of the show with a solo acoustic performance of “Black  Throated Wind.” Bobby stuck to acoustic for the first “set” and welcomed a number of  guests including Rob Wasserman, Jason Crosby, Jay Lane and Jeff Chimenti for various  numbers including “Catfish John” and “El Paso.”

While Weir didn’t discuss his health issues much, he did respond “I’m doing fine, thanks”  when a fan asked how he was doing at the moment, leading to a rapturous cheer from the  crowd. Last night’s “Weir Here” mixed three musical segments with a pair of “couch talks.”  The second musical segment focused on guests Jonathan Wilson, Beth Orton and Leslie  Mendelson, while the final musical segment was an all-out rocker that included Weir-led  takes on “Playing In The Band” and “Easy Answers.”

Here’s last night’s setlist via

Black Throated Wind (Weir solo) Easy To Slip (Weir & Wasserman Jay lane joins) El Paso (Bob Weir, Jason Crosby, Jay Lane, Dave Schools and Leslie Mendelson) Deep Elum Blues (All Above + Jeff Chimenti) Catfish John (Same As Deep Elum)

Couch Talk

Chasing The Thrill (Leslie Mendelson solo) Jericho (LM, Wasserman and Crosby) The Way I Feel (Jonathan Wilson Band) Natural Rhapsody (Jonathan Wilson Band) Last Leaves Of Autumn (Beth Orton solo) Ooh Child (Beth Orton solo) Sugar Boy (Orton, Wasserman, Sam) Call Me the Breeze (Orton, Wasserman, Crosby, Chimenti, Lane)

Couch Talk

New Minglewood Blues > (Bob Weir & TRI Allstars) Easy Answers (Bob Weir & TRI Allstars) Ramble On Rose (Bob Weir & TRI Allstars) Come Together (Bob Weir & TRI Allstars) Playing In The Band (Bob Weir & TRI Allstars)

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