Interview With Beth Orton As Vinyl Market Returns

12 July 2013 |  Music | By:

Independent Label MarketVinyl is more than just a hark-back nostalgic notion or a facilitator for larger versions of your favourite record sleeves. The romantic relationship it forges with music has a lot to do with that certain sound which, while different from the quality that a download file, is nevertheless lovable in its own right.

Enjoying a tremendously successful launch here in London two years ago, Independent Label Market has brought together, under the auspices of a market stall setting, vinyl delights from some of the world’s best independent record labels. Tomorrow it’s back in town after visits to Toronto and LA. This time, Independent Label Market is joining forces with East End Live festival, a new one-day London music event forming part of the East End Film Festival. Interestingly, the heads of the labels involved will be manning the booths themselves, selling their own products — new, catalogue and even rarities.

Independent Label Market is teaming up with The Vinyl Factory for the event, presenting 10 exclusive vinyl releases, only available for purchase at the market, with proceeds going to Oxfam’s Syria Crisis Appeal. A bunch of high-profile artists have each donated a track for inclusion on the collection. Among them, Tim Burgess, EDITORS, Fresh Touch featuring Damon Albarn, Alex Kapranos and Nick Zinner, Planningtorock and Beth Orton, who spoke to us briefly about her involvement with this event.

Hello Beth. What made you decide to take part in this project? I’ve been following the events unfolding in Syria and this seemed like a small way to bring attention to the situation. It is perhaps a drop in the ocean but any awareness-raising is good. I like the fact it’s on Heavenly and I was happy they asked to have a song from me out of all the other bands they could choose from. The song you’ve selected is the Four Tet remix of Carmella, which first came out on your single, Concrete Sky, almost exactly 11 years ago. What are your memories of that time? My memories are varied and a little spotty. If I’m honest, it was possibly one of the most confused periods of my life so far! I remember being somewhat all over the place. I had fun working with Ryan Adams.

Why did you choose this particular remix? It’s a track I love. Jeff Barrett [Heavenly Recordings boss] suggested it and I thought it was a fantastic choice. I think it’s a successful collaboration of sounds and it makes me very happy.

You played Union Chapel last year in support of your latest album, Sugaring Season. What was it like being back on stage after several years’ break? It was a particularly lovely gig. I was very nervous but the audience was warm and I think it was a good gig.

Do you think vinyl still has a place in this predominantly digital age? Absolutely! Music is music and will always have a place whatever the “format”.

Have you started thinking about your next musical project? Yes…

Is there any artist you would particularly like to collaborate with in the future? I was listening to the Rolling Stones’ Beast Of Burden on Saturday night and that is one amazing rhythm section. I would go back in time and collaborate with them!

Beth Orton

Beth Orton

Independent Label Market takes place tomorrow at Old Spitalfields Market. For more details check out the event’s Facebook page and for a special market playlist for the event open sesame.

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