It’s ‘Sugaring Season’ for Beth Orton at World Cafe Live

By DENNY DYROFF For 21st Cen

Posted: Wednesday, 07/31/13

Now, the British singer-songwriter is back in action. Orton released her first album for Anti- Records last year and now is touring the states in support of the new disc which is titled “Sugaring Season.” The tour touches down at the World Café Live in Philadelphia on Aug. 6.

“I had a couple children and that took time,” said Orton, during a recent phone interview from her home in London. “Being a mother brought much more experience to my life. Things are more 3-D. It completely changes everything. The perspective shifts all the time.”

With the time demands put on her by a pair of little ones, Orton sat and wrote songs when time allowed — frequently late at night.

 “I was writing songs over a period of a few years,” said Orton. “I never really write specifically for an album. I just write songs and let them build up. I write whenever I can.”

The songs on “Sugaring Season” are more straightforward singer-songwriter offerings while much of Orton’s earlier work was electronica-influenced folk music.

“With this record, I had a bee in my bonnet,” said Orton. “I needed to make this record. I needed to make a certain kind of record and get it out of my system. It’s a peaceful record. Having kids softened me. Now, I have a freedom from my own wishes and I can follow a muse.

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