June 15th, 2013 LA Record


–>Beth Orton @ The Troubadour - June 13, 2013

Photos and words by Scott Sheff

Even veteran musicians get butterflies when stepping on stage, especially when playing at the famed Troubadour.

Such was the case with award-winning English singer-songwriter Beth Orton, who admittedly was nervous as she played the venue for the first time in her career. While fans save ticket stubs to remember their favorite shows, Beth planned to save her Troubadour artist wristband as her own personal memento. But as the nerves gave way, the music triumphed.

Accompanied by her husband Sam Amidon on guitar, and former Soul Coughing member Sebastian Steinberg on stand-up bass, Beth and company delivered a heart warming set of folk, featuring songs from her early days, as well as the latest off of Sugaring Season, her first album in six years. Equally in awe and appreciative of his time on stage at The Troubadour was fellow countryman James Bay. With a beautiful rasp in his voice and infectious grooves on guitar, James’ soulful, solo performance and humble charm captivated the crowd.

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