Saving the Beth until last

Beth Orton closes this yeatr's Village Green festival. Photo by Mark Cleveland

Beth Orton closes this yeatr’s Village Green festival. Photo by Mark Cleveland

Rain finally falls for fesitval finale

THE crowd went wild when the last act of the night, Beth Orton walked cautiously onto the stage, clad in a hippy style poncho, guitar in hand.

As she took an almighty gulp of her drink, she asked the audience: “Are we in Southend?”

Beth gave a stunning performance, blending her haunting vocals with folk and electronic sounds.

Although much of the her performance was similar sounding, she kept the crowd captivated. The band showed great dexterity too.

At times the songs, although infused with energy from a ferocious female drummer, were introspective and gloomy, with Beth waxing lyrical about a sense of longing and a need to be loved.

During one particularly sad song, a teenage boy whispered in my ear: ‘This is a bit depressing, isn’t it?”

Depressing it may have been, but her talent and her quirky band, kept us all entertained and wanting more.

By the fifth song in her set, the rain was coming down. Fortunately I was just about covered by the stage roof.

It seems after having therapy and two children, Beth is back, more at ease with the world and her place within it.


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