Beth features on David Thomas Broughton – Crippling Lack


David Thomas Broughton ‘Crippling Lack’ 3 LP vinyl.

“DTB has carved out his own niche and he is an absolute master of what he does – this won’t have mass appeal but for those who get it, it will be the most satisfying and enduring release(s) of the year.” 9/10 American UK

“Broughton’s magnum opus, Crippling Lack is an impressive feat. Cohesive and flowing along to a sophisticated backing, sonorous with the artist’s venerable travailed voice, and his acerbic foils wit. The album’s scope is immense even though it meanders to a, mostly, folk signature and gentle accompaniment. It is nothing short of outstanding.” Monolith Cocktail

Volume 1: released on Song, by Toad Records (UK)

1. Crippling Lack Pt. 1

2. Beast

3. Words Of Art (feat. Aidan Moffat)

4. Silent Arrow

5. Dots

Volume 2: released on Le Noize Maker Records (FR)

6. River (feat. Sam Amidon (fiddle)

7. Concrete Statement

8. I Close My Eyes

Volume 3: released on Paper Garden Records (US)

9. Crippling Lack Pt. 2

10. Gulf (feat. Jordan Geiger)

11. Beast Without You (feat. Beth Orton)

12. Plunge Of The Dagger (feat. Luke Drozd (voice), Rachael Dadd (clarinet), Ichi (steel drum)

“Broughton’s live shows are miniature spectacles: He roams through the crowd and uses furniture as percussion. He layers sounds in slightly haphazard ways, as though his songs weren’t so holy that he couldn’t subject them to chance” Pitchfork

“straddling the line between music hall turn and avant-garde performance artist … not to be missed” Mojo

“arguably the most staggering live musician in the country” Mojo

“If you have a heart, Outbreeding (2011) will put it through the gauntlet. If you have a brain, Outbreeding will make you use it. It’s a perfectly weighted exhibition of its creator’s talents and capacity, both fulfilled. 9/10” Drowned in Sound

“The most brilliant and baffling show I’m likely to see this year” Time Out New York

Crippling Lack is a trans-continental triple-vinyl album, released in three different volumes with three different labels in three different countries – Vol.1 on Song, by Toad Records in Edinburgh, Scotland, Vol.2 on LeNoizeMaker Records in Lens, France and Vol.3 on Paper Garden Records in Brooklyn, USA.

It was recorded while David was living in Pyongyang, North Korea, with contributions coming from the likes of Beth Orton, Sam Amidon, Luke Drozd, Ichi, Rachel Dadd and Aidan Moffat, with parts recorded in the UK, France, the US and North Korea.

The album truly is a testament to the worldwide DIY music network and the ability of all sorts of different people to work together on the same project, from some of the farthest flung corners of the globe, to achieve something truly special

But yes, triple vinyl. It is also a massive, sprawling beast, a truly wonderful odyssey which starts on Vol.1 with deceptively approachable pop songs, before throughout most of Vol.2 unravelling and disintegrating into barely-structured fragments. Vol.3 then slowly weaves all these loose threads back together, reprising Beast and Crippling Lack before ending with euphorically unsettling Plunge of the Dagger, with Luke Drozd’s bizarre narrative the perfect counterpoint to some of Broughton’s most directly beautiful singing, embodying the very dichotomy which makes this album so beautiful: that weird inner monolgue constantly threatening to derail songs of true beauty.

It is an ordeal. It feels like you have been put through an emotional wringer, but by the time that final song ends with its epihany of home-made, cloudy lemonade suicide, both shockingly funny and bafflingly poignant, you feel like the whole previous hour and forty minutes has been spent perfectly. No wasted minutes, nothing out of place. It is not something to be undertaken lightly, but the reward is more than worth the commitment.

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